A Year in the life of a Geo-Based Social Network Giant Foursquare – 2010 by the numbers

A couple years ago, GPS enabled Smartphones starting rolling out in a major way. While it was great for getting from A to B, it also provided a unique opportunity for a business model – a social network based upon your location.

Enter Foursquare…

Founded in 2009 at South by Southwest Interactive, Foursquare is a location-based mobile platform that lets you use your phone to “check in” and share your location with friends. “Check in” enough and you’re awarded badges and may find yourself Mayor of your local coffee shop.

So, did the idea catch on?

Well, the proof is in the numbers. Below, you’ll find the infographic that Foursquare published.

Here are the cliff notes numbers:

  • 6 million users
  • over 381 million “check ins”
  • 3400% growth

Here is the infographic and a link to ReadWriteWeb’s article on this feat.


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